Farmfed Vallarpadam Aquafarm

Farmfed Aqua Farming Project at Vallarpadam Kochi: High tech fish farming project at Vallarpadam is around 16 Acres cultivating variety of fishes like Karimeen (Pearl spot), Poomeen(Milk fish), Kalanji(Asian seabass), Prawns, Thilapia etc. The fish farm at Valarpadam is one of few fish farms is Kerala which is following the traditional method of fish farming along with semi-intensive culture. The farm covers an area of 16 acres of water body with multiple ponds. The entire water body is bio secured by fencing and bird nettings and, was pond prepared using the latest scientific technologies. As part of farmers community support, a joint venture was executed on 10th November 2021 with the property owner and farmer for adopting fish farming at Valarpadam, Ernakulam District. The common species cultured in the ponds at Valarpadam farm were the Pearl spot (Karimeen), Mullet (Thirutha), milk fish (Poomeen) and Asian seabass (Kalanji). All the water parameters are regularly monitored and best management practice are followed to maximize the profitability and ensuring sustainability.

Farmfed Vattakkatuserry Aquafarm

Project Vannamei Shrimp Farming : The vannamei shrimp, Penaeus vannamei commonly known as white legged shrimp and native of Mexico, central and south America. The white leg shrimps are healthy and nutritious food containing a great deal of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. One of the vital aspects for vannamei culture is the pond preparation and water quality parameters. A vannamei shrimp lives in the column waters and increasing the depth of the pond helps in increasing the stocking density.

The optimum range of water quality parameters for Vannamei culture is as follows :
Temperature: 30 to 34ºC
pH: 7.5 to 8.5
Transparency: 25 to 40 cm
Salinity: 5 to 40 ppt range
Salinity: 5 to 40 ppt range
Alkalinity: 200 ppm
Ammonia: 0.1ppm
NO2-N: 0.1 ppm

Upcoming Projects

The projects proposed are categorized into different system based on the present market demand. Project proposals includes:

Pond culture for shrimps/Crabs

Integrated farming including Agriculture, dairy and poultry farms

Brackish water and fresh water Cage culture system

Recirculatory Aquaculture system (RAS)

Bio Floc culture Technology system (BFT)

Aquaponics & Hydroponics system

The various fisheries projects ensure livelihood security to farmers and entrepreneurs especially benefiting women community by improving the financial background of every household